JFSL Share Price

Friday's Hope After 5 sessions of lower circuit limits, JFSL share price gained momentum on Friday.

Opening Drama JFSL opened 5% lower at ₹205.15 on BSE but surged to ₹225.00 intraday.

A Quick Recap Demerged from Mukesh Ambani's RIL, JFSL made its debut on August 21.

Listing Prices ₹265 on BSE, ₹262 on NSE, against a discovered price of ₹261.85.

Tough Start JFSL lost over 22% value from its listing price.

Market Cap Current JFSL market cap is approximately ₹1,35,960 crore.

Indices Connection JFSL was in Nifty50 and Sensex due to Reliance's association.

Removal Delays BSE and NSE postponed JFSL's removal from indices till August 31.

Official Exit By September 1, JFSL will exit S&P BSE indices, including Sensex, BSE 100, BSE 500, etc.

Reason for Slide? Fund selling post RIL's demerger and its impending exit from benchmark indexes.

Share Sales Estimated sales from Nifty and BSE indexes: 150-160 million JFSL shares.

Closing Note JFSL ended 1.69% higher at ₹212.25 on BSE, and ₹221.60 on NSE on Friday.